Every small business requires increasing marketing effectiveness. According to American Express, the most fundamental and effective marketing strategies are targeted toward a specific audience, focused on key benefits based on the audience’s point of view and interests, and delivered appropriately. In this article, we share some essential elements of a successful marketing strategy.

Specific Objective


Successful advertising targets a specific audience, not a standard audience. Consider, for example, different strategies to reach a much-needed object, such as rice, when advertising this audience: acquaintances, young athletes, or mothers. By focusing on a specific audience and understanding their needs, interests, and desires, marketers can effectively achieve their objectives. By always adding something new to your business, you can attract more clients and get more sales.

Focus on Benefits

It can be difficult for small businesses to look at their business and their products from the outside. But that’s what they need to do if they expect to be successful with their advertising and marketing campaigns. Marketers need to be aware of and consider the wishes and concerns of the public and identify potential objections they can overcome in their marketing efforts. In this way, they can identify critical benefits to focus on making this attractive to the target market.

Good Timing

A message about female incontinence conveyed through a poster inside the bathroom door will only reach the viewer at the right time. It is unlikely that the same message conveyed in a mall’s overhead costs will have the same specific effect. Effective marketing seeks to reach audiences when they are most likely to be open and attentive to the message. Small businesses need to think carefully about their distribution mechanisms – newspapers, radio, television, social media, and many others – and also about whether messages have been delivered in the perfect place at the ideal time.

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