Skincare Tips


The lemon fruit is one great fruit that you could use to make your skin feel and look better. The lemon is rich in carbohydrates, phosphorous, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, which are some of the essential nutrients that the skin needs. The extract from the lemon fruit could be used to make skin care products that could be utilized for the cosmetic purposes. One of the ingredients of most of the whitening procedures for both men and women is the lemon extract. Some of the uses of the lemon fruit to enhance skin care include:

Blurring age spots

gfsasasagsasasMany people especially the women are usually worried of the age spots. They often want to appear younger than their actual age because they get the confidence and attention that they require. The lemon extract can be used to help in removing the age spots. The beauty product should be applied on the age spots twice a day for the best results, in the morning and evening.

Incredible results will be evident weeks later as the lemon will purify the spot and lighten the black age spots. The lemon extract could also be included in the bath tub if the targeted area is the entire body of the individual. The active ingredients in the lemon kill the destructive bacteria in the skin that causes the spots and supplies the skin with the much-needed nutrients.

Pimples and Skin rashes

The pimples and skin rashes are some of the common skin problems that everyone at some has to contend with. Some of the causes of the two include the dryness of the skin, oily skins, and lack of proper hygiene and skin care. The lemon extract could be used to address these issues as it has all the ingredients that the skin needs. The crisp lemon can be squeezed on the face, elbows and knees to lighten up the dark spots on the skin. You can completely get rid of the pimples and skin rashes by squeezing the lemon fruit on your pimples every night before you retire to bed.

Dry skin

safasasgfasasasFor dry skin, you can make a saturating covering by using the lemon extract together with the olive oil and the measure of nectar. The mixture should be applied on the dry territories of the skin and be allowed to dry completely. When this is done over time, the issue of the dry skin will be addressed leaving the skin moisturized. Some of the major ingredients of the vaginal and bleaching creams are made from the lemon extract.